Review of “Heir of Fire” (Throne of Glass #3) by Sarah J. Maas

Maas, Sarah J. Heira of Fire. New York: Bloomsbury Children’s Books, 2014. 

Hardcover | $17.99 USD | ISBN-13: 978-1619630659 | 565 pages | Young Adult Fantasy

3.5 stars

Heir of Fire is a great third installment in the Throne of Glass series. While not as compelling as Crown of Midnight, I thoroughly enjoyed the way stakes as they were left in the previous book were raised, and there was a deeper exploration both into Celaena/Aelin’s past and the lore of the world of Erilea.

Celaena/Aelin’s story arc is great in this one, and I love the more raw and real take on her than in past installments, as she confronts the truth of her past and forms new connections, including with her aunt. And while there were a few new characters introduced in this one, Rowan, who becomes one of her new allies, is my favorite. I love the shift in his interactions with Celaena from one full of animosity to a genuine friendship.

I found the other arcs a bit lacking, however. Chaol’s wasn’t bad, as the alliance of sorts he forms with Aedion over the course of the book connects to Celaena’s. But I found Dorian’s and Manon’s POVs a chore to get through. Dorian becomes romantically involved with a healer named Sorscha, who despite appearing in Crown of Midnight, was not a character I was invested in. Thus, while I felt her demise at the end of the book had an impact in showing how brutal the King of Adarlan can be, I did not feel any sense of loss at this death.

With Manon, it felt like a lot of unnecessary filler to set up for a character who, based on what I have heard, becomes important to Celaena’s/Aelin’s cause in later books. Her chapters were the most difficult to get through, as while I could appreciate them giving a wider context to the world, I was largely uninterested in her as a character.