Review of "American Love Story" (Dreamers #3) by Adriana Herrera

Herrera, Adriana. American Love Story. Toronto, Ontario: Carina Press, 2019.

Mass Market Paperback | $8.99 USD | ISBN-13: 978-1335215970 | 363 pages | Contemporary Romance

5 stars

American Love Story is the book in the Dreamers series that truly gets to the heart of the tenuous nature of the respective immigrant and black experiences in our current political climate. While the exepriences of real life Dreamers is bake into the DNA of every one of the Dreamers books so far, this one feels the most hard-hitting, most likely due to who the characters are in relation to these issues.

Patrice is a successful professor, demonstrating how much he has been able to thrive in the U.S. since he and his mother fled Haiti in childhood. His arc consists of his activism against the microaggressions he faces, including those from colleagues and others, including a harrowing moment of being pulled over by the police.

Easton, meanwhile, is a white, wealthy, privileged DA, and I like how his character is passionate about making social change, but the story is about him trying to balance that with his relationship with Patrice, who is increasingly frustrated with the system. Here, Herrera takes a very complicated and potentially problematic relationship due to their positions, and makes it work, with them each acknowledging their need to compromise to for each other.

While this book is notably heavier in tone than the other two (and justifiably so), it’s still an absolute joy to read because of the relationships between all the characters that developed over the course of the three books, and now going into the upcoming fourth book. I love seeing all or some of the guys together, with their banter about each other’s respective love lives being a key part of every book.

This is an absolutely wonderful book in an amazing series that just keeps getting better. I recommend it to fans of multicultural romance.

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