Review of “The Soldier’s Scoundrel” (The Turner Series #1) by Cat Sebastian

Sebastian, Cat. The Soldier’s Scoundrel. New York: Avon Impulse, 2016.

EBook | $3.99 USD | ISBN-13: 977-0062642486 | 336 pages | Regency Romance

4 stars

At long last, I’ve finally went back and picked up Cat Sebastian’s historical romance debut, The Soldier’s Scoundrel. And while I think she’s only improved with time, this one has all her signature charm.

There’s a saying I heard not too long ago that you can make a problematic trope less so by “making it gay,” and while I feel it also requires some nuance to understand LGBTQ+ issues (which Sebastian demonstrates), this is a great case of that maxim proving true. This story follows a gentleman and scoundrel, with a fall into love that works much more than many heterosexual cross-class romances, for getting rid of the double standards, while also exploring the issues facing gay men in this time period.

I loved seeing Jack get past his biases toward the nobility through his relationship with Oliver, making this a great transition from dislike to love that can be hard to get right without either being too far gone to be forgivable or just feeling petty.

This is a strong start from an author who has now become one of my favorite authors. I recommend this for those looking for good LGBTQ+ rep in historical romance.

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