Review of “Singapore Fling” (Carpe Diem Chronicles #2) by Maida Malby

Malby, Maida. Singapore Fling. [United States]: EOT Publications, 2019.

Paperback | $14.99 USD | ISBN-13: 978-0999543238 | 261 pages | Contemporary Romance

5 stars

Having enjoyed book one in the Carpe Diem Chronicles, I made sure I snagged a copy of Singapore Fling recently, when an opportunity presented itself. And once it arrived in the mail, I dove in almost immediately, reveling in all the feels and feeling upset once I reached the final pages and I once again had to say goodbye to this world.

One of Malby’s strengths is, of course, her gift with recreating the atmosphere of the places she sets her books, from the locations to the food. I now am desperate to make a trip to Singapore for the food alone. Word of caution: Do not read on an empty stomach!

And while Maddie and Aidan were introduced in Boracay Vows, I didn’t know what to expect of either of them, except perhaps that Aidan is a bit more arrogant than Blake. But while some characters may call him “Alphahole Aidan,” giving me a bit of pause initially, given the way I attach the term to some more loathsome heroes, I can’t help but feel like the nickname is undeserved. He’s a bit more on the brooding side, but I could truly empathize with his dedication to his work, especially when his relationship with Maddie led to a possible conflict of interest and him having to make a tough choice.

And Maddie is also a wonderful character. I love how her relationships with people are explored, delving into the fact that she didn’t have a conventional family upbringing leading to her valuing the family and friends she does have and keeping them close. It forms a compelling contrast to Aidan’s more conventional family and further informs the conflict between them in a wonderful way.

Once again, Malby delivers a colorful, sumptuous read, and one that leaves me waiting with baited breath for the next. I enthusiastically recommend this to fans of sexy, fun multicultural contemporary romances.

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