Review of “Master and Apprentice” by Claudia Gray

Gray, Claudia. Master and Apprentice. New York: Del Rey, 2019.

Mass Market Paperback | $9.99 USD | ISBN-13: 978-1984819611 | 464 pages | Science Fiction

5 stars

I was excited for Master and Apprentice, both for its focus on Qui-Gon, a character I feel got shafted when the prequels originally came out due to their poor reception, and the fact that I generally enjoy what Claudia Gray has brought to Star Wars. And given that she’s working with an era where mot of the major plot threads for the characters have been resolved, I feel like she did a great job of crafting a story that still gets the reader invested.

While Qui-Gon’s relationship with Obi-Wan is only one of the master-apprentice relationships highlighted in the story, it is at the forefront, and I like seeing it elaborated on. There was always this sense of Qui-Gon being more rebellious and Obi-Wan being more by-the-book, and I’ve always found that a fascinating dynamic, especially when it’s usually the opposite. And then having this extra conflict to negotiate, while also acknowledging that they already have issues, it made me appreciate their complex bond all the more, especially seeing how they resolve it and continue to work together.

And given Qui-Gon’s less than traditional nature, it’s coll to get some insights into both his past as Padawan to former Jedi Count Dooku, as well as another former Padawan of Dooku’s, Rael Aveross, who pushes the envelope even more than Qui-Gon.

I also really enjoy the way Gray manages to portray the galaxy at a “time of peace” and make it as intriguing as it was with the intense wars going on, with the biggest issue being a smaller planetary conflict.

This is an incredible Star Wars book about an era I’m glad to see getting more love as of late. I recommend this to prequel era and Qui-Gon fans.

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