Review of “Some Like it Scandalous” (Gilded Age Girls’ Club #2) by Maya Rodale

Rodale, Maya. Some Like it Scandalous. New York: Avon Books, 2019.

Mass Market Paperback | $7.99 USD | ISBN-13: 978-0062838834 | 355 pages | Historical Romance–Gilded Age

5 stars

Some Like it Scandalous is just as much of a delight as the first book in the series, once again taking inspiration from a pioneering late 19th century American female entrepreneur, this time delving into the fascinating and radical world of cosmetics, and like with the discussions surrounding fashion in the prior book, I love how Rodale managed to discuss the historical attitudes toward them, especially since cosmetics have a much more sordid reputation historically, along with being linked often with vapidness, and highlight the truly revolutionary message of freedom behind the makeup industry.

Daisy is also an incredibly charming heroine, and one that I found easy to root for. It’s beautiful seeing how she became inspired to create some of her different subversive projects, from the original complexion balm, to the lip paint which we concocts later in the story. I also love the continued centrality of female empowerment and friendship as a major facet of the book, with a memorable scene in Delmonico’s, which, as implied in the author’s note, was inspired by the real trailblazers of the period doing something similar.

I wasn’t sure about Theo at first, given that his past included being a bully, so I could see it following in the trend of the growing subset of bully romances, and his present consisted of being a good-for-nothing playboy. However, I should not have doubted Rodale for a second where he was concerned, as not only does he show regret for his actions and come to Daisy’s defense against the others making fun of her, but he is one of the few who, once he begins to see things from her perspective, actually embraces it wholeheartedly, in contrast to both their parents, who are determined to hold onto their expectations for their respective offspring.

This is one of the few historical series that has really made me happy recently, and I can’t wait till next year (why can’t it come faster?) for the next one! I would recommend this to all historical romance fans.

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