Review of “Celebrity in Death” (In Death #34) by J.D. Robb

Robb, J.D. Celebrity in Death. New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 2012.

Hardcover | $27.95 USD | ISBN-13: 978-0399158308 | 389 pages | Romantic Suspense

4 stars

Celebrity in Death is yet another fairly solid In Death book, although I did feel like the return to the standard formula did feel a bit jarring after the epicness of the prior book, in that it’s more or less a return to the predictable.

However, I still did like it conceptually, especially the setup surrounds a movie being filmed based on one of Eve’s prior cases, and the initial amusement surrounding meeting “themselves,” including the fact that Peabody’s actress is incredibly hostile…to put it nicely. And this did still lead to some fabulous moments of banter between the cast, especially with Eve and Peabody discussing how much of an awful person the Peabody actress is.

I also liked seeing more emotional moments, with Peabody and McNab getting some time to reaffirm their love for one another, as we see McNab panicked over seeing the corpse of fake Peabody, imagining the worst that could happen to the real one that he loves. And while I acknowledge along with them that they’re not ready to get married yet, I love seeing a rare example of the depth of their feelings for one another.

The case itself was interesting and had great twists as the case unfolded, even if it was one of the more by-the-numbers entries in the series, with whodunnit being fairly obvious…although observing Eve get down to the “how” and the “why” was entertaining.

I can’t really blame this book for being more of the same from the series, as it did have a big act to follow with New York to Dallas, and I still don’t know if anything in the series will be able to top it. However, by the standards of the series, it is still one of the better entries, even if it doesn’t rank among my absolute favorites.

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