Review of “Markswoman” (Asiana #1) by Rati Mehrotra

Mehrotra, Rati. Markswoman. New York: Harper Voyager, 2018.

Paperback | $15.99 USD | ISBN-13: 978-0062564542 | 368 pages | Fantasy

4 stars

Markswoman has a great premise and setup. I did feel like the pacing and plot did kind of waver here and there, and the conclusion did not feel that satisfying (something I hope will be rectified in book two), but there are still some great elements here, especially since it seems to be author’s first book.

I loved the Asian influences in the development of the world-building. And while I did feel like the magic system wasn’t that present in the book, it does have a lot of potential, and that’s something else I hope is built on more in book two.

What really stands out is the protagonist, Kyra. Fantasy is full of “strong female characters,” but the problem is that they often lack depth, especially in YA (or, in this case, YA-leaning,) stories. I like how, while she is the titular Markswoman of the book, she strikes the perfect balance of not being great at everything all the time while also not being the standard damsel in distress.

This is yet another great multicultural fantasy book, and one I would recommend to other fans of diverse fantasy.

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