Review of “Moonglow” (Darkest London #2) by Kristen Callihan

Callihan, Kristen. Moonglow. New York: Forever, 2012.

Mass Market Paperback | $7.99 USD | ISBN-13: 978-1455508587 | 412 pages | Victorian Romance/Paranormal Romance

4.5 stars

Moonglow continues the trend started by the first book of pretty much blowing me away. Now more immersed in this world and seeing Callihan finding her feet a bit more as a writer, I feel like there is a marked improvement in the story overall, continuing to build on the atmosphere of Victorian London in a beautiful and immersive way.

The first book left me a bit unsure about how I would like these characters, particularly Ian, who plays the role of antagonist in Firelight. However, I actually found him a more complex and lovable character than Archer. Despite not really being into the whole werewolf/shifter element of paranormal romance, I really love how he was written to be protective of Daisy in the face of danger, and also the dynamic of respect and trust that builds between them. It is such an antithesis to what I had heard about other shifter series, where the heroes are more “alpha” to the point of being possessive and animalistic. Ian has strength, but it he is also a good man at heart, which I feel like Daisy really needs, knowing her past in a loveless marriage.

Daisy took longer to warm up to, but I did feel like she ended up having great development, due to her finding her freedom somewhat after being trapped in her loveless union, and I could ultimately see that she, like her sister, has an inner strength and power that makes her a perfect match for Ian.

In short, I do feel this series is ultimately living up to the hype, even though I can see why some people would consider this one and Firelight somewhat weak entries, in keeping with a new author, and anticipate that Callihan will fully come into her own by the next book. And, in spite of any (minor) flaws, I recommend anyone who’s been deterred by warnings of such to give these a chance. You may be surprised.

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