Review of “The True Queen” (Sorcerer Royal #2) by Zen Cho

Cho, Zen. The True Queen. New York: Ace, 2019.

Paperback | $15.00 USD | ISBN-13: 978-0425283417 | 367 pages | Historical Fantasy

5 stars

I greatly anticipated The True Queen, having enjoyed Zen Cho’s previous book and the prior book in this series, Sorcerer to the Crown. And while I wasn’t sure at first what to think about the shift in focus to new characters, given that I have recently read some seemingly pointless sequels to books with great endings, I felt this was a great move, keeping the characters readers came to know and love from book one involved in the story, while introducing new characters that are the focal point.

I love the concept of Muna and Sakti, and the exploration of their bond as sisters as well as delving into their past that they don’t remember, leading to a big revelation later in the book. Muna was easy to relate to, as she’s left to fend for herself not having magic, but having to pretend to possess it in order to fit in among English magicians, while she figures out what happened to Sakti.

I also like the balance of their storyline and Muna’s perspective with what’s going on with the other characters, like Prunella, who was the heroine of the previous book, and Muna’s friend (and potential love interest), Henrietta. I love the subtle way their relationship is hinted at throughout the story.

This book was pure fun, after a couple of subpar reads, and that is by no means a bad thing, except that now I begin the interminable wait for the next installment. I enthusiastically recommend this book to other fantasy fans who are looking for a fun, colorful read.

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