Review of “The Heiress’s Deception” (Sinful Brides #4) by Chrisi Caldwell

Caldwell, Christi. The Heiress’s Deception. Seattle: Montlake Romance, 2017.

Paperback | $12.95 USD | ISBN-13: 978-1542048941 | 276 pages | Regency Romance

3 stars

The Heiress’s Deception was a bit of a disappointment as a closer to the series, and not only because I’m aware that some of the issues left unresolved in this one have been carried over to the spinoff, the Wicked Wallflowers, of which I have previously read one book, The Vixen.

That being said, Caldwell’s strengths are still on display here in terms of great character work. Both Calum and Eve are intriguing, with compelling backstories, although I didn’t feel moved by them in the same way I did with some of the previous books in the series, especially The Lady’s Guard. I also found myself a bit conflicted on the “deception” aspect, feeling like his feelings of betrayal by her as a child weren’t explored enough, while also feeling like it was forgiven a bit too quickly due to the situation.

I also just didn’t feel the love between them, and despite the dangers put in their way, there didn’t feel like insurmountable stakes were there, especially in comparison to the prior book. I wanted a lot more from Eve’s brother as a villain in execution, although in theory, he had a good setup. I just didn’t really care about whether or not he was thwarted or not. And towards the end, I just found something I couldn’t describe lacking, so I actually ended up skimming toward the end, hoping to see it all come together, finding myself in how quickly things wrapped up.

This is a bit of a disappointment, especially as I’ve come to like some of Christi Caldwell’s newer books I’ve read since she started working with Montlake Romance (granted, I still haven’t read many of them), but I think this is a case of all the ingredients being there, and there just being a flaw in execution. I do feel like if you’re a fan of Caldwell’s character work, or a fan of flawed heroes and heroines who go through struggles, this is the book (and author) for you.

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