Review of “Tempest” (Old West #3) by Beverly Jenkins

Jenkins, Beverly. Tempest. New York: Avon Books, 2018.

Mass Market Paperback | $7.99 USD | ISBN-13: 978-0062389046 | 373 pages | Historical Romance 

4 stars

Tempest is a great conclusion to Beverly Jenkins’ Old West trilogy. Striking middle ground of being better paced and fleshed out than book two, but still not quite leaving as much of an emotional impact as book one, I still more or less found myself satisfied to see Regan get a hard-won happy ending.

One thing I love is Regan’s independence, and she makes a strong first impression on the page with the initially meeting with her intended at gunpoint. Even as there are multiple people who try to undermine her as she embarks on her new life as Colt’s wife, including some of the disputes with her husband, I love that she shows strength through it at all.

While the distraught widower is a figure that has been seen before in romance, I really enjoyed Colt as a hero, and how he grows through his marriage to Regan. And I adore the sort of man who wants to put his daughter first.

The drama and suspense was well-developed for the most part, especially with Regan trying to deal with the rejection of people like Colt’s crusty aunt and the “other woman.” I did feel like the final confrontation felt like a slightly weaker version of the one in the first book, with both involving the same type of character, this time with much weaker stakes.

But I did more or less enjoy this one, and look forward to anything Beverly Jenkins writes next. I would recommend this to fans of historicals that have low angst, but still have depth in terms of characterization.

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