Review of “The Elusive Earl” (Saints and Scoundrels #2) by Maddison Michaels

Michaels, Maddison. The Elusive Earl. Fort Collins, CO; Entangled Publishing, 2018. 

Paperback | $19.99 USD | ISBN-13: 978-1724796332 | 399 pages | Victorian Romance

4 stars

The Elusive Earl is another decent effort from Maddison Michaels. It isn’t as compelling overall as the first book in the series, but it does have its own strengths, one of which is her ability to interweave fun little nuggets of history, politics, and medicine into the story in such an entertaining way. I loved all the things she touched on, especially how she built up the environment of her fictional Italian principality, and the resulting political intrigue and danger that came along with it.

Daniel and Brianna are interesting characters. I loved Brianna’s spunk and love for adventure, and how in spite of their initial perceived incompatibility, she and the more icy, cautious Daniel do work as a couple and care for one another. I did feel like the revelation in this regard did take a little longer than I would have liked, however, as the villain who was out to see Brianna harmed was defeated and still it took a few more chapters for things to be settled between them.

I would recommend this to fans of historical romances with mystery and adventure elements.

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