Review of “The Dark Days Deceit” (Lady Helen #3) by Alison Goodman

Goodman, Alison. The Dark Days Deceit. New York: Viking Books for Young Readers, 2018.

Hardcover | $19.99 USD | ISBN-13: 978-0670785490 | 527 pages | Historical Fiction/Paranormal

4 stars

The Dark Days Deceit is a good book overall, but in terms of concluding the trilogy, it is definitely the weakest. However, in terms of the main arc of the series, it did accomplish most of what it needed to do.

To start off with the good points, I love seeing Helen’s growth as a character and really coming into her own as a Reclaimer. I love the growth of her relationships with Darby, attending Darby’s wedding to Quinn, and her aunt, especially as her aunt finds out about and comes to accept her unique destiny instead of continuing to try to mold her into a proper lady.

And while the reveal of the Grand Reclaimer was predictable, especially given the story’s setup of a romantic conflict, I did like the way Goodman both foreshadowed this reveal throughout the trilogy while also providing artful misdirection.

My one major complaint is that there was NO conclusion to the romantic tension between Helen and Carlston. I kept reading, hoping it would be addressed, but it wasn’t. Given the promotion of this series promising a “blend of Regency romance and with supernatural adventure,” I was disappointed that the supernatural elements all reached a fitting conclusion, but everything concerning the romance was left up in the air, robbing these amazing characters of their well-deserved happy ending.

However, I do still recommend this series for fans of Regency/paranormal mashups, given the sheer depth of the world, combining Regency history with well-thought out paranormal elements.

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