Review of “Kingdom of Ash” (Throne of Glass #7) by Sarah J. Maas

Maas, Sarah J. Kingdom of Ash. New York: Bloomsbury, 2018. 

Hardcover | $19.99 USD | ISBN-13: 978-1619636101 | 984 pages | YA Fantasy

4.5 stars

Kingdom of Ash is a great conclusion to the “Throne of Glass” series. While some of the previous books in the series felt disjointed in terms of taking a while for the pacing to pick up or introducing characters whose connections to the other established characters wasn’t immediately obvious, all of the layout of the prior six books made for a great adventure as everyone came together for an epic final battle.

One of the greatest things about the series is the way the maturation of Aelin as a heroine parallels the evolution of Maas as a writer. While I wouldn’t say this book is the best thing since sliced bread, Maas has improved in her character development and her plotting over the course of the series, and while Aelin was initially incredibly petty and annoying in the first book, she became one of the highlights of the series as more of her past was unearthed. And the buildup and execution of the confrontation between her and Maeve was truly epic.

It was also nice to see all these people from different paths working together. One of my favorites was seeing Chaol and Yrene, and I’m so happy about them starting their family. It was also wonderful to finally have more information about the deceased former King of Adarlan, and the significance of his name, long kept secret by Erawan.

I think fans who stuck with the series would be pretty happy with the conclusion, and would also recommend the series to readers who are willing to try a slowly building YA fantasy series.

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