Review of “When Katie Met Cassidy” by Camille Perri

Perri, Camille. When Katie Met Cassidy. New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 2018.

Hardcover | $25.00 USD | ISBN-13: 978-0735212817 | 264 pages | Contemporary Romance

4 stars

This is the first f/f romance I have read, but it hasn’t been for lack of interest, as it was with m/m prior to taking a chance on them, but rather the lack of options available from major publishers, so when I heard about this one, I was excited. And while it’s not the perfect book, I did find it a cute and fun romance.

Despite not knowing fully what to expect going in, I really enjoyed Cassidy as a character. Yes, there are some aspects of her, like her more masculine looks, that tend toward the stereotypical, but I enjoyed her character, and I loved that even though she is confident in who she is in terms of her sexuality, she can still be challenged by falling in love with someone that presents obstacles.

Katie I felt was kind of a hard character to get right, and while for the most part I liked her, I kind of did want a little more from her. While I did appreciate that she went from questioning her labels (“Am I gay now?”) to embracing her love for Cassidy without thinking about it, it still feels like the story doesn’t acknowledge the hurdles they would face getting acceptance from her side of the family. While she does have a moment near the end where she writes a letter to her mother confessing what has happened, it doesn’t really go anywhere. While I’m not opposed to books with LGBTQ+ readers that are more positive and fluffy instead of constantly issue-focused, this felt like something that needed to be addressed.

I would recommend this to fans of light and fun contemporary romantic comedies.

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