Review of “Archer’s Voice” by Mia Sheridan

Sheridan, Mia. Archer’s Voice. Cincinnati, OH: Mia Sheridan, 2014. 

Paperback | $14.99 USD (price of Forever/Grand Central Publishing edition) | ISBN-13: 978-1495390906 | 330 pages | Contemporary Romance

5 stars

Archer’s Voice was recommend to me by a friend in one of my book groups, and I dove in as soon as I could. The friend said it was a book with a virgin hero, and I loved the concept of two people who had faced trauma finding hope and healing through each other.

Archer is the standout of the novel. He has been through so much in the way of family drama and violence, which rendered him mute since he was seven years old, and later he became a recluse. There were many times when I just wanted to hug him, because he’s so precious, and he was treated so wrongly by his family, some out of malice and by others out of ignorance.

The relationship that builds between him and Bree is truly beautiful. While it does have its bumps in the road, it never feels like something that happened just because of a lack of communication, and the pacing of their fall into love feels so authentic and not insta-love or based purely on the sexual part of their relationship (although that is a component of the story).

I also have to praise Sheridan for not making the villains in the family drama feel one-note, giving the family a well-drawn backstory that explains their motivations for the surviving members’ antagonistic feelings for one another.

I recommend this book to anyone looking for a deep, emotional contemporary romance that with compelling, relatable characters and a rich, heartbreaking backstory.


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