Review of “Accursed Abbey” (Nobles & Necromancy #1) by Tessa Candle

Candle, Tessa.  Accursed Abbey. [United States]: Winding Path Books, 2017. 

Paperback | $15.99 USD | ISBN-13:on  978-1772650174 | 320 pages | Gothic Regency Romance

4 stars

Tessa Candle is a new-to-me author, and I picked up Accursed Abbey on a whim, being drawn to the idea of a Gothic romance and intrigued by the blurb. And I definitely enjoyed myself, and will pick up more of her books in the future.

As befitting the Gothic atmosphere, Candle crafted a fast-paced story rife with twists and turns. While I admit I was much more drawn to the dark, sometimes supernatural, elements of the story than either of the main characters, especially the heroine, who seemed like a mere damsel in distress, I assume it’s par for the course for books in this subgenre (although I admit I could be wrong, not having the nostalgia that many other readers have, who grew up reading authors like Victoria Holt and her ilk might have).

I did enjoy the rest of the cast, like the honorable, Lord Maximilian “Mill” Canterbourne, and especially the great villain, Lord Orefados. While he is something of a cliche, the conventions of the genre make his character work.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to read a fresh, new take on the Gothic subgenre, especially if they were a fan of books from the past written in the same vein. It might also appeal to readers of solely “modern” historicals like myself who are on the lookout for something a little different.

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