Review of “To Catch a Pirate” by Jade Parker

Parker, Jade. To Catch a Pirate. New York: Scholastic Point, 2007. 

Mass Market Paperback | $6.99 USD | ISBN-13: 978-0439026949 | 230 pages | YA Historical Fiction

3 stars

I had been wanting  to read more Lorraine Heath, but had been unable to find time to fit one in, what with other things I wanted to read more. But as fate would have it, I stumbled on this YA historical she wrote under one of her other pseudonyms, Jade Parker, while hunting around the teen section for something else. And while it is definitely a book for the target demographic, without a lot of the depth that the author puts into her adult novels, this is a fun, sweet historical romance. all the same.

I liked Annalisa, and could understand her reasons for doing what she did. I did feel like having her first meeting with James relegated to the prologue where we meet her as a debutante who gets stolen from does make her transformation into a competent privateer and pirate hunter as she’s shown from the next chapter onward feel a little unbelievable. I wish there was more effort put into her journey, as I would have enjoyed this aspect just as much as, if not more than, what made it into the book.

Otherwise, the story is fun and rather predictable. The chemistry between James and Annalisa is well-developed, and despite being a cliche, there is a moment where James proclaims he won’t give up a life of piracy, but in the end he does and joins Annalisa as a pirate hunter. As a result, I don’t think adult readers of Heath’s adult romance or of her contemporaries would gain much from reading the book. But this would be a great book to recommend to a younger reader who is expressing an interest in romance, and has a parent looking for a nice, sweet, but adventurous option to get them started.

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