Review of “Confessions of Little Black Gown” (Bachelor Chronicles #4) by Elizabeth Boyle

Boyle, Elizabeth. Confessions of a Little Black Gown. New York: Avon Books, 2009. 

Mass Market Paperback | $6.99 USD | ISBN-13: 978-0061373237 | 370 pages | Regency Romance

4 stars

This is another great installment in the Bachelor Chronicles series, again showing Boyle’s skill at crafting compelling stories. I did feel this one was a little uneven in terms of the focus shifting away from the central romance quite a bit to focus on the mystery plot surrounding Captain Dashwell to set up for the next book, it is still an enjoyable read and one of my favorites so far.

I love how the differences between the Langley sisters are shown in a different light here, and I enjoyed the full experience I got of reading them both to understand their relationship more. In this one, Felicity is a matchmaking busybody who I probably would have hated if I had no prior knowledge of her, but when put into the context of her own book and her goals, I could at least understand her. However, Thalia is a lot easier to sympathize with, given that she isn’t interested in a marriage for position and security, and the story ends with her doing the exact opposite of what Felicity would like in the department. Larken was equally intriguing, and I liked the way the relationship developed between them, especially as neither was what they initially appeared to be.


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