Review of “A Dangerous Legacy” (Empire State #1) by Elizabeth Camden

Camden, Elizabeth. A Dangerous Legacy. Bloomington, MN: Bethany House, 2017. 

Paperback | $15.99 USD | ISBN-13: 978-0764218811 | 339 pages | Christian Historical Romance

5 stars

This is the best book I’ve read by Elizabeth Camden so far. It is a wonderful story with compelling characters, and it interweaves messages and concepts that are relevant today, despite the historical setting.

Both Colin and Lucy are fantastic. I am fairly certain that every hero named Colin must be an amazing character by default (this could very well be wrong as I haven’t read that many books with a hero named Colin, but thus far heroes by that name have brightened even the most “meh” of books), and this Colin is no exception. I love how he is a hero caught between upholding the older, traditional ways of the aristocracy concerning lineage and legacy and the new ideas of carving out one’s own path outside of all that. So many Englishmen in the decades prior to the story’s setting were marrying heiresses much like he initially sets out to do, and I was glad to see that he ended up choosing a different path, in large part out of his love for Lucy.

Lucy is equally compelling in terms of her journey, and I admire that she has a sense of selflessness and integrity. One of the pivotal moments is when she decides to agree to be institutionalized in order to help weed out the conspiracy her uncle and cousin are involved in. I love her bravery and growth as a character through those scenes in particular, as it says a lot about the poor state of mental health care and how low the standards were back then.


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