Review of “Love Letters from a Duke” (Bachelor Chronicles #3) by Elizabeth Boyle

Boyle, Elizabeth. Love Letters From a Duke. New York: Avon Books, 2007. 

Mass Market Paperback | $6.99 USD | ISBN-13: 978-0060784034 | 370 pages | Regency Romance

4 stars

Love Letters From a Duke is a far better book than the first in the series, especially in terms of establishing a convincing romance between the hero and heroine. The developing relationship between Thatcher and Felicity, especially given their differing desires and the deception between them, leads to a much more compelling plot. While I’m not usually a fan of romances where one half of the couple deceives the other, I felt it was well-executed here.

Felicity is a character who can be hard to write convincingly, given her primary goal in life is to marry a duke. But I like that she is concerned about her future, and that of her sister and cousin, given that is something many women would have faced, given that they were basically the property of their fathers, and then their husbands, so choosing poorly rarely ends well.

I also liked Thatcher, and I liked that he was one of those dukes who had no interest in his family’s (particularly his grandfather’s) machinations, and that, once he met Felicity, he wanted her to want to marry him for himself, and not just the security his title could bring her. That is something that is so rare among historicals with duke heroes, who are typically so conscious of their title and its expectations, that I appreciated this aspect.

I did start to find the story a little too out there at times, especially the bits involving Tally and Pippin and the extended gang of their relatives and friends. I can only hope that this is toned down in future books, as I have heard great things about the next couple books in the series in particular.

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