Review of “A Change of Heart” (Bollywood #3) by Sonali Dev

Devi, Sonali. A Change of Heart. New York: Kensington, 2016. ISBN-13: 978-1-4967-0574-7. $15.00 USD. 

5 stars

A Change of Heart may just be the best book I’ve read by Sonali Dev so far, as she beautifully provides healing for two people who have experienced trauma in the past. She also manages to merge different genres with ease, providing both a rich romance and a compelling suspense plot.

Having got to know Nic and Jen in The Bollywood Bride, I was initially stunned by the turn of events that transpired between books. But this paved the way for the beautiful story within the book, as well as seeing Nic’s character growth, not to mention that Jen is still very much a presence in the book, even with her death. It is wonderful to see him grow to care for, and fight to protect, Jess, not as a replacement for Jen or to drown out his grief, but as a source of healing and new love.

I also loved how Jess’ dark past was revealed, especially when the circumstances that led to her making the choice to deceive Nic  were revealed. Dev captures the feeling of not having choices in life so eloquently. And through her, we see a great example of beauty coming out of darkness, as even though being sexually assaulted led to her becoming pregnant with her son, she has found happiness in being a mother.

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