Review of “A Stolen Heart” (Cimarron Creek #1) by Amanda Cabot

Cabot, Amanda. A Stolen Heart. Grand Rapids, MI: Revell, 2017. ISBN-13: 978-0-8007-2756-7. $15.9 USD. 

4.5 stars

I first heard about Amanda Cabot when Maida Malby, an author and blogger friend of mine, was one of the participants in a blog tour for the second Cimaron Creek book, A Borrowed Dream. However, being one of those people who has to read in order, as well as that one not currently being available at my library, I decided to start with A Stolen Heart. 

And I did not regret my decision, as it allowed me to become acquainted with the somewhat large cast of characters, who while slightly hard to keep track of, are all delightful to read about. And as Maida points out in her review, it really is a nice change from a lot of the books that “dominate the marketplace.” By the end of the book, I truly felt comfortable with these characters, and lamented having to be parted from them.

I felt the romance was really well-developed, especially given the conflicts both Travis and Lydia face, especially when things don’t go entirely how they each planned individually in the beginning. It was nice to read about their growing friendship and slowly realizing how well they work together as a couple.

This also plays suspense aspect, and I really enjoyed seeing them work together to root out the culprit behind the murders, theft, and vandalism going on in town. While at first I was a little underwhelmed when the killer’s identity was revealed, due to the motives seeming a bit too overdone, I was in shock at the extent of how far he had descended into the darkness, and how Cabot depicted the eerie parallels to some famous Biblical stories in crafting his motivations.

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