Review of Christmas at Carnton (Carnton #0.5) by Tamera Alexander

Alexander, Tamera. Christmas at Carnton. Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2017. ISBN-13: 978-0310293248. $12.99 USD. 

4 stars

In a wonderful introduction to her forthcoming Carnton series, Tamera Alexander once again poignantly weaves the fact and fiction to present a nuanced portrayal of the Civil War and what the South fought for, at great loss to themselves. And while the shorter length of the story does mean that the romance between Aletta and Jake feels a little bit rushed, especially given the losses Aletta endured so recently at the opening of the book. But it does not detract from the growth that they both go through.

Jake in particular really grew, going from someone who had one purpose in life that injury had now rendered impossible to pursue, to someone who was able to find purpose in other things. And through Aletta and the other women, you see an example of the fact that, despite the fact that women weren’t able to go off and fight in the war, they were, in the men’s absence, doing a lot of fighting of their own, which indicates their potential to be more than just homemakers.

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