Review of “The Earl’s New Bride” (The Daughters of Amhurst #1) by Frances Fowlkes

Fowlkes, Frances. The Earl’s New Bride. Fort Collins, CO: Entangled Publishing, 2015. ISBN-13: 9781943892525. $13.99 USD. 

4.5 stars

This is an utterly delightful book, and I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would, after reading the premise. Oftentimes, with novellas and shorter novels, I find myself lamenting the shorter length, but this time it works in its favor, as some of the things I expected that normally come along with what was described in the plot were condensed, such as the focus on Simon’s “beastly” appearance and how he is impacted by his past, in favor of focusing on the angle of him trying to change how people perceive him. Simon, as a result, is an incredibly likable hero. And Henrietta proves herself to be an equally interesting character, with a unique skill that sets her apart from the other women around her.

The plot also brings about the opportunity for some truly Austen-esque secondary characters in the form of the sometimes-annoying sisters and mother, and the factor of them losing their home to the hero. The one drawback of this is that I found the two younger sisters to be almost indistinguishable, and despite knowing they already had books written about them, I am not sure how they can be fleshed out to be individuals, as well as to be less annoying. However, as I did enjoy this one, and will be giving the follow-ups a try.

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