Review of “Broken Things” (Southwark Saga #4) by Jessica Cale

Cale, Jessica. Broken Things. [Place of publication not identified]: Corbeau Media, 2017. ISBN-13: 9781545121160. $12.99. 

4.5 stars

Not finding Meg to be an entirely endearing character in the prior books, I did not have the highest of expectations going into this one. However, despite a bit of a slow start, over time, I did find myself empathizing with her. She has been used and exploited all her life, and to finally get a greater understanding of her, and watch her open herself up to the possibility that someone might want her unconditionally is a beautiful experience.

After such great heroes like Nick and Jack, and even Mark to an extent, I was unsure what to think of Jake at first. But he also won me over through his determination to protect Meg, especially when he beats up her abusive ex-lover. And through him, we also see a rare example of religious issues, which Cale handles beautifully. You can tell she took the time to understand Jewish people.

And as Meg is a mother, it is nice to see her relationship with her children and how that has changed since we last heard about them in Virtue’s Lady. Tommy particularly is a wonderful, and I would love to know how he ends up (does he follow Jake’s footsteps and become a boxer like he says he wishes to at one point?). It was also nice to get an update on how everyone, especially Mark and Jane, were doing after not seeing them for almost an entire book. I do hope that Cale isn’t done with this world of characters, even if the arc for the current generation is done.

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