Review of “Trusting Miss Trentham” (Baleful Godmother #3) by Emily Larkin

Larkin, Emily. Trusting Miss Trentham. [Place of publication not identified]: Emily Larkin, 2017. ISBN-13: 9781541378414. Print List Price: $18.99.

2 stars

What appears at first to be another intriguing book in this series quickly devolved as I got to know the ignorant heroine. The hero, Icarus’, story is compelling, even if at times he feels a bit too fatalistic in terms of his decision to end his own life, due to what he has been through during the war.

But I seriously questioned Letty’s intelligence at various places. She had the brains to choose a useful gift of distinguishing truth from lies, which has helped her as an heiress who is the target of fortune hunters. But despite her wealth and aristocratic connections, she is incredibly naive when it comes to sex, engaging in “oral congress” with Icarus (while he is unconscious!), because she saw her cousin, Lucas, engaged in the act with his friend and lover, Thomas. While it did not surprise me as much as I thought it would, given the history of old school “bodice rippers” featuring scenes in which the hero sexually assaults the heroine, it still left a bad taste in my mouth, and when she coerces him into letting her do it again, which leads to him doing it to her, I was pretty much done.

I am open to trying more of Larkin’s work in the future, however, especially the next book, which follows Lucas and Thomas’ relationship.

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