Review of “Resisting Miss Merryweather” (Baleful Godmother #2) by Emily Larkin

Larkin, Emily. Resisting Miss Merryweather. [Place of publication not identified]: Emily Larkin, 2016. ISBN-13: 9781536967739. Print List Price: $5.99.

3 stars

I was skeptical when I found out the second book was a novella, and that Barnaby was the hero, due to the fact that the blurb makes it clear that guilt over his past indiscretion (as recounted in Unmasking Miss Appleby) forms a substantial part of his arc, and a novella means less time to devote to fleshing the story out. And I found myself proved correct, because while I felt that part of Barnaby’s story, including the resolution of the breach between him and Marcus, was resolved, this didn’t have a chance to be a “proper” romance due to the length.

One of the major problems is that the story feels like insta-love, with no real obstacles in the way of their being together, besides the guilt he has over his past mistake, and that is resolved a little too neatly by having Barnaby and Merry trapped together in a cave, with the possibility of it being life-or-death, leading to them getting together.

But Barnaby’s character is well-written, with his arc focusing on his guilt. I love the friendship between Barnaby and Marcus: that Marcus was able to come to terms with what happened, and reach out to Barnaby, and Barnaby found redemption and felt like he deserved to be Marcus’s friend again.


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