Review of “The Very Thought of You” (MacLeod #2; de Piaget/MacLeod #4)

Kurland, Lynn. The Very Thought of You. New York: Jove Books, 1998. ISBN: 0-515-12261-0. Print List Price: $7.99 (Reissue price)

5 stars

Lynn Kurland is one of those authors I told myself for years I would read, and collected books by her when I could, but never got around to it, aside from reading one of her Nine Kingdoms books, which while decent, did not wow me enough to continue on to the next.

But this one was brilliant from start to finish, in no small part due to the the lovable hero and heroine. I tend to stay away from both contemporaries (too modern) and medievals (an awful world for women to live in), but Alex’s modern sensibilities made me laugh and I loved the fact that Margaret is a woman who can wield a sword and wears armor.

Kurland also differentiates her characters by the way they speak and think, something I don’t often see in romances with a historical setting. Parts from Margaret’s perspective have a more refined, older style to it, whereas you can tell you’re in Alex’s head through the more modern word usage.



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