Review of Cocoa Beach” by Beatriz Williams

Williams, Beatriz. Cocoa Beach. New York: William Morrow, 2017. ISBN-13: 978-0-06-240498-5. Print List Price: $27.99.

5 stars

As I said in my last review of her most recent Juliana Gray book, I have had a complex relationship with Beatriz Williams up to this point, some books being absolutely amazing, some being more “meh,” and as with her previous release, The Wicked City, so uninspiring I couldn’t get far enough into it to justify writing a review.

But this one may be one of her best to date. Something I’ve always found unusual about her is how she loves to play with POV and verb tense, which can be somewhat jarring, even with her prompts as to which character’s eyes we’re seeing it through, or which arc of the story it is. But, with this story following Virginia Fitzwilliam (nee Fortescue, who first appeared in A Certain Age) both in the 1922 timeline when she comes to Florida, and the 1917-19 timeline, which follows her romance gone wrong with her husband, I felt this one flowed much better, with a much greater sense of being in the moment with the present tense, and reliving the past with the use of the past tense.

But like quite a few of her previous books, there’s quite a lot that goes on beneath the surface. Having recently read Rebecca, I found the way different characters had varying perspectives of both Simon and Lydia and their motivations very similar, and I had no idea what to believe, until the truth all came out at the end.

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