Review of “A Lady Unrivaled” (Ladies of the Manor #3) by Roseanna M. White

White, Roseanna M. A Lady Unrivaled. Minneapolis: 2016. ISBN-13:  978-0764213526. Print List Price: $14.99.

4 stars

The third and final book in the Ladies of the Manor trilogy was a great conclusion to the mystery, but as a romance I did not find it as memorable as the other two. Lady Ella is a quirky heroine, but she is nowhere near as interesting as Brook or Rowena, who both went on their own personal journeys in the previous books. I did like Cayton, as he is a character who has really changed due to the loss he has faced.

The supporting characters were much more interesting. Lady Pratt, who was one of the villains for the previous two books, has also been much altered by her losses, and I found myself feeling sorry for her, especially when I saw the extent of her brother’s obsession with the diamonds and what it drove him to.


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