Review of “You May Kiss the Bride” (Penhallow Dynasty #1) by Lisa Berne

Berne, Lisa. You May Kiss the Bride. New York: Avon Books, 2017. ISBN-13: 978-0-06-245178-1. Print List Price: $7.99

2.5 stars

Lisa Berne’s bio name-drops Georgette Heyer as her introduction to the historical romance genre in her bio at the back of the book, and the influence is obvious, with the story feeling in some ways like an older traditional romance. But while the setup of the story was great, the execution could use some work.

Some of the best moments between the couple happen initially, when they butt heads, yet find themselves drawn to each other. But as I continued reading, I found I didn’t understand what Gabriel and Livia had in common that would make for a lasting relationship, besides passion. And they really don’t spend that much time together, especially once they leave Bath. But then, he suddenly gets jealous and screws things up, and we’re supposed to root for him to get her back?

But there is a wonderful supporting cast, who I hope we get to see more of, despite the fact that the next book is apparently about Alasdair, some sort of Scottish cousin of the Penhallows (not Hugo, who appears in this one). The grandmother was one of my particular favorites. She is a bit hard around the edges, but she’s quite lovely once you get to know her.


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