Review of “Crown of Crystal Flame” (Tairen Soul #5) by C.L. Wilson

Wilson, C.L. Crown of Crystal Flame. New York: Avon Books: 2010. ISBN-13: 978-0-06-201896-0. Print List Price: $7,99.

5 stars

It is rare that I go through a series and find almost nothing to disappoint me, but that was the case with this one. And this one is definitely a fitting conclusion to a wonderful series. While our heroes and their allies have been tested and tortured over the course of the series, with a few devastating losses, it’s satisfying to see the villains finally get their just deserts.

When starting the series, I did not expect to love, or even feel pity for Annoura, as she opposed the Fey at every turn. But my heart softened toward her a bit during the last book, when I saw how the thought of losing her husband would hurt her, and when it comes to pass, without him getting a chance to make peace with her, my heart ached. And the moment when she finally reads his letter to her might just be one of the sweetest moments of the entire series.


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