Review of “Queen of Song and Souls” (Tairen Soul #4) by C.L. Wilson

Wilson, C.L. Queen of Song and Souls. 2009. New York: Avon Books, 2010. ISBN-13: 978-0-06-202299-8. Print List Price: $7.99.

5 stars

It’s very rare for me to close a book feeling shocked, mostly due to the fact that despite most the claim that romance isn’t formulaic, the promise of a happy ending for the main characters prevents disappointment.

But as this is the first romance series I have invested in where the HEA between the central couple is not won at the end of a single book, and carries over the entire series, along with dealing with a number of connected subplots, I found myself being taken off guard when this book ended by concluding the “Romeo and Juliet” subplot first set up back in Lady of Light and Shadows with a fittingly tragic ending that left me breathless as I finished reading. When Wilson said in an interview about these books that she “broke all the rules,” she was not kidding!

And as much as I adored spending more time in the Fading Lands and Eld in the previous book, I enjoyed returning to Celieria and seeing how the political situation is worsening there.  I find the story much more interesting when the focus is just as much on the dichotomy between the mortal world and the realms of magic, as it is on that between the Fey and Eld.

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